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Wedding Flower Trends 2023 – with Suzanne @ Country Flowers (March 2023)

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If, like me, you think there is nothing better than seeing new and exciting wedding styling, you’re in for a treat with this blog!  

At Country Flowers we have already noticed a couple of shifts from the usual traditions over the past year: brides are especially keen to create their own unique touches when it comes to their flowers and the general budget has increased.  Floral styling has become more of a priority for most couples as they use this to set the theme for their special day – colours, textures and shaping translate into the dress, the cake, the invitations and even the place settings.  I am not expecting this to slow down any time soon.  In fact, I’m expecting other trends to join in:

1. Texture, texture, and more texture!

I’m expecting to see a lean towards heavier greenery, less focal flowers, and more textured florals.  Lots of similar type foliage will be utilised – 3-4 different varieties of eucalyptus for example – this will give a busier but softer textured look as leaves are different sizes and structure is diverse, perfect for this look.

To compliment the varied foliage, textured flowers, such as open ruffled peonies, ruffled ranunculas or double Eustoma, will be a natural fit.  These will again give a more textured edge to designs, rather than, say, the single Eustoma. I’m finding that couples are really focusing on these details more than they have ever done. 

The big news here, thanks to Instagram (the ever growing influencer on all things wedding, floral and style) is THE REFLEXED ROSE.  If you haven’t come across this yet, you need to – and quickly!  This is where a rose has been lightly spun upside down to help soften and ruffle out the petals giving them a fuller lusher look – not to mention doubling the size of the rose.  This then allows the florist to fold the exterior petals outwards, giving a natural garden rose appearance.

2. Bold Colours!!!

While I believe whites will always be timeless and in vogue (and personally I hope this doesn’t change) and a more pastel palette can be considered a safe bet for some, I’m finding many of our brides are becoming braver in their colour choices to pack a punch and create a more individual look to personalise their big day.

Whether this is combining  a daring selection of colours for that Spring/Summer feel or adding vibrant oranges and rusts for a bold autumnal look, that pop of colour is definitely emerging as a new favourite trend and again, is providing couples with a style unique to them.  

3. Dramatic Design 

Large impact designs are what you will be seeing a lot of this year and will probably be seeing for some time yet.

Suspended structures in venue ceilings, large free-standing arches or broken arches (watch this space …wink, wink!) are going to provide that WOW factor.  These will deliver a stunning photographic backdrop for both guests and bridal party to share to our good friend Instagram.

4. Delicate Florals and Details

Although high impact designs are very popular and show no signs of disappearing, we are noticing that low designs also continue to feature, albeit lusher with a delicate edge.  

Lots of cute jars, on mass, in a variety of sizes with luxuriant full open blooms (so still very floral) with large numbers of staggered tapered candles in gold single holders create a cosy and romantic vibe and are a new alternative to the country look that has been a wedding staple for the past few years. 

It’s all in the details as well!  Adding those all important personal touches always sets a wedding apart and couples are incorporating these around the base of the floral designs:  charger plates, specially folded napkins, personalised thank you messages for each guest or an individual flower/foliage sprig – creativity abounds and I like it!

5. Dried Flower and Fresh Flower mixes

As I am predicting a love for texture and delicate but lush looks, this combination is set to become more and more popular as it fits both briefs.  It is the perfect texturised look to add some dried flowers to fresh lush blooms – pampas and bunnies’ tails are already a firm favourite and, in my opinion, will continue to be so.  As couples become more creative and braver in their floral design and colour choices, their wedding day will become more individual to them and will provide a real talking point as well as memories to cherish.

And there you have it!  These are the five wedding flower trends that I predict will be central to 2023.  I’m so excited to see what this year has in store for us at Country Flowers and the wedding industry. 


Much Love, Suzanne xx